Posted by: barry | June 12, 2007

Boy Boy & Tong Tong

Viewer discretion require as this post and the following video arrouse unnecessary ‘feeling’!!

Found this video when I went back to hometown last weekend. My sis took it and it makes me laugh til my stomach pain!

Kinda familiar right? Don’t get me wrong, I meant for those who live a life in Kampung would have saw doggie or cat mating. Who knows that this stupid boy boy just hop on to whoever ‘walk’ like him!! Incase you don’t know, this stupid dog is my bro’s gf doggie! While the baby – Tong Tong is my cousin, oh nooo… cousin has been r*ped….by a doggie!!

Imagine if in reality the two mated, what will happen….?

Boy + Tong

Oh gosh….I can’t imagine it! Can you?

Boy & Tong’s baby!

OMG!!! How can you imagine such a “thinggy”!!!!!

 Haha, luckily, they are not mated and it is not possible though! This is my little artwork that created just for fun. Hope my aunt won’t mind 😀 Aunt ho.??? :p



  1. […] the horror this baby will express when he view this video in 15 years time. Got this video off Barry’s blog. I really pity his cousin. But it sure is humorous! Well, at least the dog is very […]

  2. Oh no, Barry Berry.. similar to what I commented in Esther’s post on this, I will keep all the children at bay from you and your family hahaha

  3. Oh by the way, left out my comment about this toddler. HE IS SO ADORABLE! He could be the baby killer with his charming eyes. They BLINK like stars!

  4. Hey Mandy Candy, its a girl ok…she must be future superstar and definitely will get into main topic in e-news with this video 15 yrs time 😀 should have thanks me instead…wahaha

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